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GwenMedia is now on Facebook. Follow the link and ‘Like’ us to get the inside scoop at GwenMedia as it happens. Not only will we soon be posting more web related material, but will be including behind the scenes information on upcoming DVD releases and much more.

See you there!


  1. you are kidding us! Right?

    Seriously?!? Go join facebook in order to find out what is happening here?

    This webblog started off with SUCH promise remember the Bondage ball promos TWO FULL WEEKS before the event?

    And the much wanted John Fitzgerald partnership?

    By the way whatever happened to him?

    Seriously it has been YEARS since there has been a reliable news on this site. I ask that you forget about facebook and twiitter and myspace and go back to updating THIS website with news (before the events happen) as the people interested in Gwenmedia come to this site and should not have to run around all over to find out some news which has not been done here in YEARS.

    Isabella retires? AFTER the fact.

    Pulse Distributors dropped? Not a peep.

    Julie SImone return to member photos but continuation of the 4 part Love story? NOTHING.

    Isabella promise on Ivy Manor series 10 wpisode series? The VERY thing she promised was the very reason for restarting Gwen Media? Well since she is retired we know where that promise is.

    Any NEW DVDs? NOT unreleased films as we are seeing now. Films made AFTER 2010 started. NOTHING.

    News before the events and releases HERE please.

  2. Our Facebook page was created due to several requests from other members. Apparently, many of them wish to know when the site is updated without having to check. It’s not meant to replace the posts on our site in any way, which we will continue to do regarding matters we wish to make public, including upcoming DVD releases.

    Regarding Stockroom:

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